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HOPE Enrichment Center offers a variety of enrichment classes to help individuals, youth, and families thrive academically, personally, and professionally!Through a unique partnership with Elite Academic Academy, we provide K-12 homeschooled students with engaging educational opportunities and exciting enrichment activities, such as Math Lab, English Language Arts Lab, Dance, Art, Computer Technology, field trips and much more!!  We also offer academic support for adults ages 18-26 who would like to earn a high school diploma or GED.  Students receive personalized academic support and can choose from available enrichment courses offered by Hope. Many fees and expenses may be covered through Elite educational funds.  Visit to learn more about their program.

Elite Track

FREE personalized academic support and enrichment activities for


homeschooled students.

Enrichment Track

Affordable extra-curricular and career/technical activities for the whole family.

Adult Education track

An independent study program for adults age 18-26 who seek to earn a high school diploma or GED.

Summer Academies

An exciting five-week summer program to help

K-12 students catch up or get ahead academically.  Students also participate in enrichment classes and field trips.  Lunch and a snack provided daily.

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