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When you think of poverty, what comes to mind? For most people, poverty is the lack of money or being poor.  However, when you ask a group of young boys what they want to be when they grow up and four out of five say they want to be a rapper or football player (because that's the only image of success they've  seen) or you meet a single mom who needs to get her GED in order to get a job, but can't because she doesn't have anyone to watch her children while she's in class; you realize poverty isn't simply a lack of money.  For the boys, poverty is an absence of local successful role models.  For the single mom, poverty is the lack of community and support.  There are countless scenarios like these, but ultimately poverty is the absence or loss of hope; hope that things can be better.  Hope Vision Center was founded with the heart to do better for our community; not by giving out handouts, but by giving people a hand up.

Check out our mission and vision below to see how we are helping our community say, "No" to poverty and, "Yes" to prosperity!

Mission & Vision

We believe every person has the potential to be great and can contribute something valuable to society.

Our Mission

We believe every person has the potential to be great and can contribute something valuable to society.  We also believe there is a mutual relationship between personal development and community development; people become the best version of themselves and give the best of themselves while in community.  For these reasons, we aspire to build and enrich communities by empowering people to recognize and reach their full potential through education, partnership, and community service.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Hope Vision Center serves as a resource center dedicated to improving lives and strengthening community by providing solutions to poverty through education, character building, youth and family development, vocational training, and community outreach programs.

We Need Your Support Today!

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