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Jump Start Summer Camp

Jump Start Summer Camp is a fun, five-week day camp for K-8th grade students!


Combining academic tutoring and enrichment activities, like arts & crafts, sports fitness, and games, Jump Start Summer Camp keeps kids stimulated over the summer and prevents "Summer Loss".   (Research shows, on average, kids lose about two months of reading and mathematics skills over Summer Break.  When kids return to school, teachers have to spend about six weeks re-teaching skills from the previous grade, rather than introducing new skills and making academic gains.  Consequently, this slows down student progress towards reaching proficiency and achievement levels needed through school and for college, career, and life).


Ultimately, Jump Start Summer Camp is a great way to have fun, meet new friends and get ready for next school year! 

Jump Start Summer Camp = better school years and brighter futures for kids!

Camp Orientation

Interest Form

Welcome to Jump Start Summer Camp! We hope you are ready for fun because we have five, fun-filled weeks of activities planned to make your summer rock!


Did you miss the Camp Kick-off Orientation? No worries, you can watch the video below to learn more about camp.  For more information, please contact Melvin Thomas at (844) 493-3933 ext 2 or

*For more information about Jump Start Summer Camp, check out answers to Frequently Asked Questions at the link below:

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